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Thursday, December 13, 2012


please do come in out of the global warming cold
and enjoy a frozen smoke and a hot-piping beer
happy _____ holidays!
i sing under cozy roof and rub fat pork belly
thank my lucky stars and the face of my merciful ________
for American me happy home happy family happy friends and happy life

but then i couldn’t help myself could i
and ate me some nuked buttery slightly burned popcorn
and had me watch me some late night news porn
about an Afghan woman who had 39 of her family and friends killed
since World War ____ began
including her husband, brother and 11-year-old son
and i didn’t know if i should change the channel or cry or die or ________

where is her merciful ________
and what the _____ can i do about it?
when all i want is my new year i have a dream presidential memorial independence laboring columbus veteran turkey of a christmas wish God bless the U.S. of A.!

to be happy
like we all want to be happy, right?
but what the ___ is happy
if there’s just one ______________
who is

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