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Sunday, August 7, 2011


i thought you didn't want to come into this world
i don't blame you
i'm still trying to like it myself

against the bloody torrent
inside your mother's vessel you held fast
while we older, wiser guardians
in our hurry and worry thought you dead

you have many miles and years to travel yet
and as many dangers pose still a threat
so have no doubt that life is precious
and that you're a miracle from the beginning

NOTE:  I initially wrote this after my wife and I thought we had a miscarriage a few months into the pregnancy.  Then we had another miscarriage scare a few months later.  To top it off, Pichin was born a 7-month, 3-lb. premie and spent a month in the hospital.  We cannot thank our families, friends and the Kaiser NICU at Sunset and Vermont enough for their support during this trying time, and we are also grateful to report that Pichin is doing well and growing into normalcy.