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Monday, May 28, 2012

the wheel grinds on

the wheel grinds on,
humanity advances,
and the skyscrapers scrape
deeper into space
and those who plummet to their death,
plummet to their death,
their last yells go unheard,
but i am young,
and the time is now,
and there is no time,
and yet my heart is sick
because i want to make the music
i hear on the radio,
the lingering lyrics,
the driving beat,
the sea for others to swim in
From my ebook under the influence.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

these roses i wrote you/estas rosas te escribi

These roses I wrote for you,
Hope you like them

They are motley-colored
And pure like love itself
But thorny
Like the heart itself

Hope these roses you’ll caress with your care
Their thirst satiate with your tears
And your singing make them grow

Hope these roses console you
During the sunny day and stormy night
Even when you’re old and tired
And I’m dead and not longer by your side
May they speak of our love)

These roses I wrote for you

Estas rosas te escribi
Ojala y te gusten

Son de todos colores y puras
Como el amor
Pero espinosas
Como el corazon

Ojala estas rosas acarisiez con tu querer
Con tus lagrimas les quites la sed
Y con tu cantar las hagas crecer

Ojala estas rosas te consuelen
Durante el dia asoleado y la noche tormentosa
Aun cuando seas viejita y cansada
Y muerto yo a tu lado no este
Que hablen de nuestro amor

Estas rosas que te escribi

Sunday, May 13, 2012


desert flower
are you
aguave water
cloud, bird of hope
my guiding star
along the dark road
through the mad city
may they never take away
your light, your fervor, your splendor
you are all heavenly bodies
the universe itself
and i
a mere moon
but with an iron heart
ready for battle
my queen
you are salvation
and i your Lazarus
still deaf, mute, blind, senseless
only you can make me believe
in the beyond
springtime to all winters
life to death
are you

flor del desierto
eres tú
agua del aguave
nube, ave esperanza
mi estrella guía
por la carretera obscura
a través la cuidad lunática
que nunca te quiten tu luz, tu ardor, tu fulgor
eres todos los cuerpos celestiales
el universo mismo
y yo
un simple satelite
pero con el corazón de hierro
dispuesto a toda batalla
mi reina
eres salvación
y yo tu Lázaro
aún sordo, mudo, ciego, inconsiente
solo tu me haces creer
en el mas allá
primavera a todo invierno
vida a la muerte
eres tú

From my ebook Greetings from Heaven & Hell:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day

fuck the politicians, ceos, bankers, celebrities
false idols
let us instead drink, sing, celebrate
our parents, our teachers, the working class
the people we see on the bus
and in the streets everyday

fuck the civics book trivia
of useless dates and names
of people and places and events
that are self-important
let us instead learn about
a day in the life of
every man, woman and child
who make up humanity
not illusion or insanity

the real heroes
the true history