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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Office is

office is pettiness
over who comes in at what time and takes what breaks and leaves at what time and does or doesn’t do what work or uses whose desk and eats what food and talks or doesn’t talk to whom

office is boredom
same hours, same desks, same tired uninspired faces, same tired soggy asses down the same trodden paths down the same endless hallways with endless doors keeping people in or out, same lunch spots, same complaints about the same people and when’s the next holiday or vacation

office is fear
of having somewhere to go to and being told what to do because they’ll pay you, of forcing yourself out of much-needed sleep, swallowing your breakfast, not smelling the roses, bitching in traffic, but upon arrival, putting on a face that life is just fine, that the weekend was enough time to live, that your life is in order, that you’re emotionally healthy and sane, that your clothes are clean and pressed, that your hair is coiffed and your teeth are brushed, that your underwear is clean and that there is nowhere else in all of God’s Green Earth you’d rather be

office is humiliation
the modern-day equivalent of the fields our fathers and mothers slaved in, all education, worldly experience, and soul sacrificed to the continuously humming machine spitting out profit, where superiors are superiors not by brute or intellect or any intrinsic quality but by arbitrariness, connection or wealth

office is death
where you spend time with people you don’t want to or even like, where your mind and body atrophy, where your dreams of being a writer turn to dust, where day after day after day you rot, and life evaporates before your very eyes

From my ebook Greetings from Heaven & Hell.

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